July 8, 2003 0

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i totally need to get out of vegetable mode or i could just waste away my life. i was miserable coming home…not to mention i was on a completely booked flight back to the states, & then i had to come home to a disgusting apartment, & a dog. the dog didn’t last though, as he ran away the next day…all the while shitting all over the apartment before saying ta-ta. right. beside the shitting part, i kinda liked this dog. he would have been an interesting play toy for bunny, too. yeah. so i spent my first few days back being all tired & cranky, totally remembering all the b.s. i’d left behind. the jetlag got to me i think, cuz i was super stressed about i don’t even know what. & it was so sad the day i got 6 hours of sleep & felt so refreshed & good…because that was the most amount of sleep i’d gotten in awhile. i’m so hardcore, i went back to work the next day after i got back, & then the shit hit the fan & i was pulling all these extra hours. i almost wanted to freak out & scream, hello?!?!?! i’ve just been traveling for 24 hours! & i had to miss days…a good episode i might add. nearly pushed me over the edge.

sorry if i’m jumbled, i’m just writing things as they pop out of my head. i’ve had a lot of things going on (ok, not really) & i have to get my priorities straight. like how i spend my time at work playing yahoo games…oh, they took away my trivia, i can’t stand it! why the fuck did they do that??? yeah, & i’m watching vh1 right now. you know, not looking for a job for real now, or like, updating my site.

hey, my trip was cool though…more on that later. but i’ll say…i want to go back. really really really bad. i love those girls & i cried like a baby when i had to go. & then some australian dude came into work & i was like, nooooooo you suck! it’s no fun here.

oh, & july 4th was real cool, too. our fireworks are in the top 5 in the country, no lie. we had an awesome view from this apartment parking garage. being able to hear the choreographed music along with it makes the show tons better. i’m just bummed i was too retarded knocked on my ass to really get to say goodbye to my friend who left to start a job. oops. another fine example of getting my priorities in line.

my cat’s being a big pain in the ass right now, climbing right up the screen in the window. i had to get the water bottle so i’m ready to squirt. i’m prepared to squirt her when she wakes me up at 5:30 in the morning trying to eat my hair. i’m not playing that game anymore. but other than that she’s good. she misses the kitties at my house, so every day before work i drop her off at my house for kitty day care.

oooohwell that’s all you get for now, i’m getting tired. working early blows so much. someone once told me i’d get so much more done with my day if i got up at normal hours. that is such a lie, because my life is sucked away all day at work & then i come home, sloth-like by 8 pm.

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