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i was reading the school paper today & they have a news in brief type section on the back of the front page. 2 people had died in a car accident over the weekend & the girl’s name sounded really familiar. i figured out that it was my sophomore year roommate’s old roommate. she had joined a sorority & moved out of the dorm & i moved in. she was probably up at penn state this weekend for the blue & white game to see friends. i was surprised that it was only a little blurb. i’m guessing that they didn’t know she was psu alum, & i hope that they do in fact figure that out & do a full story. it’s a student oriented paper after all, & it just seems like the right thing to do i think. no one really cares when people die except when it’s local or someone they know…but whatever, i felt like i should mention it, even though none of you care.

anyway, back to happy rhitard land where life is trivial & shallow. so what is this bullshit?? hooters didn’t hire nay? seriously what the fuck? what is wrong with these people?! was hooters not built upon girls like nay?! i am outraged! what are they doing…hiring flat-chested, not-friendly brunettes? actually, scratch that…i fit that description & it’s still my secret dream to work at hooters. but you know what i mean. those people at that stupid hooters are really stupid & fall into the same category of horrid businessmen as the people who run the quiznos here. i feel obliged now to go down to my hooters (artfag fucking owes me a dinner anyway) although i know no waitress they could give me would ever come close to being as hooterific as nay. assholes.

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