April 28, 2003 0

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what a great night, the bus played a pink floyd tribute called to the dark side & beyond. i realized i haven’t listened to the floyd in awhile & that’s no good. it was a good way to end this weekend, though, definitely. this was a big old important weekend up here in happy valley. you got the seniors ready to hightail it out of here, & you got the alumni back trying to relive the good old days. lots of madness & mayhem…& wicked long lines at the bars. it’s cool though once you get in & find an old rich alum to buy you drinks, but i wasn’t so lucky this time. it was blue & white weekend, by the way, where penn state shows off the new football players or something, even though football season isn’t until fall or something. half the team wears white, half the team wears blue, & they play each other for shits & giggles. i’m kind of embarrassed to call myself a true penn state student, cuz i have never gone to a blue & white game. i always wanted to, but never got up for it heh. i was going to this time being it’s my senior year & all, but it was rainy & shitty outside & yeah. so instead of drinking myself into oblivion & feeling like i wanted to puke in the stands, i did homework! am i cool or what?!?! oh & penn state won!

blue and white game

& would you expect anything less from me? you know i saw that picture & my mind went straight to the gutter. hehe look where his hand is! & why’s he wearing red at the blue & white game anyway??

i also wanted to see this ballet thing at 9pm saturday night (shut the fuck up right now, it looked cool), but us slow ass girls took too long to get ready. i’m glad i was on top of things this weekend…getting to do all the things i set out to do. but it all worked out, i got to see lots of familiar faces. i’m kinda bummed i only get excited anymore for alumni weekends since i’m all old & my favorite people graduated & left. i got all teary eyed & nostalgic though, cuz even though i saw all of my old buddies, it still wasn’t the same as it was 3 years ago. time’s up, fun’s over. shitty post-graduation rat race life, HERE I COME!

at least i don’t have much work to do for the next couple weeks. everyone else seems to have massive papers & hard tests, but i’m gonna be maxin’ & relaxin’ for the most part, enjoying my last moments of freedom.

oh, & you guys…feel free to send mass amount of emails to this loser with messages like HI SEXY BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!; LOOKING GOOD SEXY!!!!!!!!; BET YOU HAVE A GREAT BODY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL; etc. what a fucking jackass.

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