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god do i hate adelphia. but i have my internet back…& i decided i’m ditching digital cable. as much as i like it, it costs an ass load. i pay over $70 for tv that i don’t even watch all that much. i wanted to save $20 for the last few months i’m here because i wont even be here through much of june, but my other roommate is being all pissy. she wants to spend all this money for the movie channels. i don’t watch them enough to spend an extra $20, but i still want digital channels. so since she’s whining about not watching digital channels, i think i’m cutting it completely. all i need is nbc really, & if i don’t have that much to watch, i’ll be more likely to get out & do shit. watching tv is bad, i know…& now i have to give up the game show network, & the sundance channel, 2 of my faves. but i’ll be home soon enough with all the fun digi channels again. sucks though, cuz all my daily images are hosted on my adelphia account, & when i disconnect that for good, i loose the hosting. although knowing those idiots, they’ll fuck it up & i’ll have free hosting. i wouldn’t put it past them.

go sign up for elimination online round 2 ok? ok! i’m guessing if you’re a “fan” of my site, then there’s something wrong with you, & that’s exactly the type of people johnny boy’s looking for in the game. & if i send some hits over, maybe he’ll link me on the site cuz i’m a big fan god dammit. i’m ashamed of how much my hits have sunk that i think i will start ass kissing. although i still head over to nay’s site & click on the links & giggle & drool when i see my site listed. GOD I AM SO AWESOME. i tried to explain the phenomenon that is nay to my roommate & she just thinks i’m really weird. but all my internet buddies know what’s up.

mr personality ok so i was thinking about all the “reality” shows on fox. they are really really bad. & no matter how hard i try i can’t avoid that stupid mr. personality commercial. i sit there thinking, jesus, this is really pathetic…can it get any worse? i totally don’t watch these things. ok so maybe i watched joe millionaire & i think i saw one episode of the bachelorette, but i honestly didn’t watch mr. personality. but i was thinking about it today & i thought, wow, i would actually really like to be on this show. see, an ex of mine one time found a batman mask & put it on. no big deal right? well, my 16 year old hormones started raging out of control…& i don’t know what it is…but men wearing masks drives me wild. i mean, my ex wasn’t ugly so it wasn’t that whole “now i don’t know what he looks like so i can totally do him!!” type deal. i don’t know at all. but then one time i watched this cheap b movie on hbo staring traci lords where she was doing this guy in a mask…& dammit, it was hot! maybe i’m into the whole s&m deal & i don’t even know it. but i really want to be on this show i’ve decided. i haven’t seen it yet, but i am strangely attracted to men wearing masks, so i must like this show, right? if i was on it, at the end i probably would tell him not to bother to take the mask off. is there something wrong with me, or is this a natural thing?

anyway, being that fox plays this commercial nonstop, i’m kinda pissed off that i haven’t seen it once today, when i want to write about it. i was gonna grab a good cap & get all horny, but no, i have to use this picture off the website. i’m sure i’ll write more about this after i eventually watch the show. please don’t make fun of me, i know this stuff is pure crap, i’m just like…doing an experiment…or something.

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