April 22, 2003 0

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today i found out that the # we were calling to get ahold of the bus was indeed the correct #. since no one answered, we can assume that no one was at the bus. anyway, i’m gonna try to get my internet back tomorrow. as much as i’m liking these new macs, i hate having to get up & go to the lab & get all paranoid that people are watching me. it’s a pain in the ass searching for things, too, since there’s only so much i want to do here. i kind of stick to the basic instead of spending hours & hours reading really bad camgirl sites. but what i really need to do is find some volunteer stuff, but i don’t want the people sitting near me to know that i’m gonna help out with the retards this summer. yes, i am volunteering for the special olympics. i don’t even like the retards that much, but hey, look at me being a good humanitarian & all that. but you know i’d rather be doing my shit in the privacy of my own home. i’m just here doing research for my paper. i have to profile a company for my career class. i decided on teach for america since i’m actually thinking about doing that if i don’t have a job by next winter. god only knows why i’m into all this nonprofit & helping people shit. i need my internet back before i can finally start taking care of everything i need to do. time’s running out. i only have 2 more weeks of school left. i’d like to say forever, but i have a sickening feeling that one day i will go to grad school. we’ll see. oh, & jonathan kozol is speaking at the graduation ceremony! i know no one knows who that is, but i had to read a book of his for a class. i only read about 1/3 of the book, but i really liked it & it’s sitting on my table because i will finish reading it some day. this guy is part of the reason i’m thinking about teach for america. so i dunno, it’s neat. neat neat. well, gotta cram my school work & last minute college experiences in these next few weeks….then plan my trip…look for jobs.

i also need to finally get a cell phone. i am one of the few people left in the free world who doesn’t have a cell phone, & i’m sad i wont be able to say that anymore in a few months. this is gonna be weird since i’m all old fashioned & shit. i hate cell phone users…you are loud & rude. case in point the cell phone that JUST went off & this bitch blabbing in the middle of a computer lab. please, i hope i’m never one of those obnoxious cell phone assholes. so anyone have any comments on cell phone plans? i hardly ever use long distance, although most plans have unlimited nights & weekends so i guess i could find people to call. my problem is that i want this to be my phone phone, so i want to use it in the day to make normal day time calls…but plans that give you a “normal” amount of daytime minutes cost an arm & a leg. i want unlimited daytime local calling you scumbags! but no plan seems to want to give me that. oh well. help me out anyway, i don’t have a clue. & what is this phone? i swear i don’t want it cuz it’s on the real world/road rules battle of the sexes thing…i know someone who has it & i’ve wanted it ever since. so does anyone know what is it?? it will be mine!


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