April 20, 2003 0

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who’d have thought last night i’d spend over 4 hours last night trying to get ahold of the bus. i decided i wanted to talk to the people at the radio station 93.7 the bus, & that proved to be a challenge for the night. it was almost to the point of being ridiculous, but i guess you had to be there. we looked in the phone book, called 411, searched the website, tried sending emails, & finally started calling other radio stations. & so you know, the people at qwk rock suck, but the revolution 101 guy was awesome. while he could not help us find the bus, he was very nice & put up with our whack selves. & to think not much has changed in the past 10 years…calling up dj’s & giggling. i think i feel bad for everyone who picked up the phone when we called & had to listen to us. haha. all i wanted was to climb aboard the bus, but they wouldn’t let me. people were telling us that they might not even be there, so i decided i had until midnight to find them, even if i had to get up & physically go to the bus. i know where the building is, yet last night we could not find the bus. the whole point of going there was to finally know if there was anyone at the bus…& we never found out. the moment was lost forever. for 4 hours i did this. man. we also completely rearranged the living room 15 minutes into our night & it really does look cool. & how we ended up at the hick bar at 1 am is beyond me. note to self…hick bars while tripping is bad & scary. but even though the trip definitely went downhill a little after midnight, late night playing president & asshole was definitely fun. it’s always fun when you win! i dunno, i dunno…weird night. tonight we get to bust open the vanilla absolut & countdown to the holiday tomorrow. easter? no, 4/20, come on now. lots of people coming over for a big turkey dinner. it’s gonna be tasty & you all are gonna miss out. anyway, i hope you all have a good weekend…ok i lied, i don’t.

i must have done something bad in another life because my roommate…

moves furniture around. the furniture is not his, & it was set up a certain way for a reason. he goes & fucks it all up, bringing bad feng shui into our living room. not only that, he moved his dog’s disgusting bed into the living room, & moved his desk downstairs into the dining room. now he is always downstairs. just his presence bothers the shit out of us, & now he’s around & downstairs 90% of the time. if he tries to move our new happy trippy den, all hell will probably break loose.

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