April 17, 2003 0

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man, i wish the computer labs had webcams. that would be cool. & i wish i could look at my usual dirty nasty sites without worrying that anyone was spying on me. anyway, i realized how much of a baby i’m being by whining & complaining about everything. oh no, look at me, life is so hard! feel bad for me! buy me things off my wishlist to make me happy again!!! bitch please, this is my site & i can do what i want. i was finished bitching, actually, until today rolled around. this is the best week ever!!

since i didn’t have my parking permit i had to park at the parking garage. of course, it wasn’t my usual garage so they were all queer with their payment policy. you have to pay the ticket before you go to your car, so you have to keep it on you. they do this of course so that you lose your ticket since you can’t leave it in your car. i go to pay & you guessed it! where’d that ticket go?! last i saw it was in my back pocket, but it be gone now. so i got to pay the lost card fee of $12 for $3 worth of parking. thanks a lot you jerkoffs. why can’t i pay when i drive out like every other garage so i wont worry about losing my ticket? you’ve just lost a very important customer!! i hope you’re happy…

then it was so great cuz there was a lot of traffic cuz a big truck was unloading & taking up a whole lane of a busy downtown street. all this stress of just one week has taken a good 6 years off my life i think. & again, i am really expecting the man of my dreams and my dream job to come along to make up for this. yes?

i also got to wait in line at the post office. what a shame i didn’t have to go to the dmv, too!! & i was at the post office to get my passport. why? because i’m going to australia! lalala!

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