April 15, 2003 0

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what a glorious day of me getting fucked over! ahh, group projects…everyone loves those cuz group members work so hard, don’t they!! being the natural leader i am, i volunteer to organize everything for our group, basically cutting everyone a break by willingly taking on more work. & then they go & fuck me on top of that! oh boy! one guy blatantly plagiarizes something that doesn’t even fit in our topic & the other 2 guys write pretty half assed sections, leaving me to pretty much take on this 5-7 page paper & find a way to fit in their sections…& find sources on top of that! i started freaking out & crying when i saw what i had to work for. so of course this is a horrible situation…i either have to work my ass off to make up for the group members AND they get the good grade that was a result of my sweat & tears. or i do as shitty a job as they did & get a horrible grade. i’m such a perfectionist & value hard work that i couldn’t even turn anything shitty in. to think i had to use dial up to email these guys or they wouldn’t have sent me shit & the guy who wrote the plagiarized section…well, his email wasn’t working so i took the time to look up his info & call him. the paper is done but i am still so stressed out because of this bullshit. i put way too much effort into this & all i’ll be able to do is bitch when it comes to group evaluation, which counts for a measly 10% of the class grade.

right so that really pissed me off & the last thing i was expecting was to get shit on by adelphia. i called them today to figure out the deal with my internet when i get a nice little shocker. they say my account is past due & i owe about $250. i haven’t paid for my internet for about a year now. see what happened is that when i moved, i called them up to tell them so i could have my service switched. i call first to set up my cable tv & then i call to set up the internet (both tv & internet are adelphia). they tell me that they have in their records that my address has already been changed. since i’d called to change the tv, that had changed my internet too. makes sense. i ask to pay my balance & they tell me it’s 0 & i ask if there’s anything else i need to do. they say nope! so ever since then i haven’t gotten a bill. i have also had working internet until last wednesday. i mean sure, i guess i should have known something was up because no one gives you anything for free, but they hadn’t turned off my internet. internet must have been covered in the cable tv bill with the adelphia advantage thing i keep seeing commercials for, right? WRONG! so this customer service lady tells me they still have me under my old address & said they disconnected my service in february (& my internet is still working in april because…???) & i’m bawling my eyes out like wtf is wrong with you people? they fucked up & now i have this bill to pay. they obviously didn’t give a shit because this problem is just now arising. but what i don’t get is why can i still check my adelphia email & log in to my web page? this is so frustrating & i don’t feel i should pay. they could have emailed me about this say 6 months ago because if they didn’t have my home address, they sure as shit had my email address. of course, if you want to take the cup is half full/half empty route, i’m still not paying for the whole last year i had internet(i don’t think…), so while i still have to pay for most of it, i did get a bit of a deal. also, i now don’t owe them any money which might find a way to screw me down the road. & i did get free hbo for 2 years. but man, this really was the worst possible day to find this out. but you know, it’s cool…adelphia’s ceo swindled $4 billion out of the company, so it’s definitely only fair that i should pay this bill when they fucked up. i do love this country. all i want to know is what is happening? i will call them again but i don’t expect them to give me the low down. that’s all i want to know. then i will pay my bill. if anyone thinks they can explain what is going on with this situation it would be cool. cuz i’m confused. & it doesn’t help that the adelphia website is useless.

i have to stay positive though & figure that to balance out this royal screwing i just got, my dream job &/or dream man is due to come along soon. i mean, that’s only fair, right? right? god, life is great isn’t it?!

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