April 12, 2003 0

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man, my internet just stops working every once in awhile & no one knows why. the people at adelphia think i’m an idiot who keeps fucking something up and i think the people at adelphia are incompetent morons who can’t figure out what’s wrong. so until i figure out something to do i have to kick it at the computer lab.

i have a confession to make. this is really hard to say………………


i kinda maybe like the new imac…

now, don’t think that i like macs. they are still worthless pieces of shit that are confusing as all hell, but the imacs are cool…i guess. the screen’s all funky & moves around & shit. & it doesn’t take 20 minutes to log off like the other library macs. you know, it took a lot for me to say that.


& now on a more somber note…ever since i can remember there had been these 2 ducks that were always hanging out in the city. they were like this awesome duck super couple kicking it in the big city instead of doing normal duck stuff like hanging out in a marsh or something. i’ve seen them hanging out at various apartment complexes, on campus, & in the hooters parking lot to name a few places. they were just the coolest ducks ever. i practically grew up with them & i’d be all happy to see them waddling along in some odd place if i hadn’t seen them for awhile. but then sometime last week i saw a dead female duck on the side of the road. i was hoping it wasn’t mama duck, but what other ducks are wandering around busy roads? & yesterday i saw mister duck. by himself. i was so sad. i feel like tony soprano with the whole duck thing. these are my ducks, something has happened, & i’m seriously depressed about it. i’m surprised seeing dead mama duck didn’t trigger an anxiety attack. but really, it’s pretty sad. & poor mister duck probably saw his woman get hit by the car since they were never apart. poor little buddy, he saw his lady hit by a car & was probably traumatized by that, & now he’s all alone. all the other girl ducks out there could never measure up to her. i think they were pretty old so they were gonna die soon anyway – it’s this belief that keeps me getting up every morning. i don’t see mister duck being around that much longer now, though. god, how depressing. sorry.

i must have done something bad in another life because my roommate…

shits like there’s no tomorrow. who needs to put laxatives in his food? & it smells really bad. it creeps downstairs & i swear you can’t breathe in the hall. everyone poops, but they don’t stink up the place that bad or have diarrhea for a half hour. i couldn’t take a shower the other day because he was shitting in the bathroom for 25 minutes. i love that he has the runs all the time because i know it’s no fun…but it stinks to high hell & bothers the crap outta me (ha ha) & i can’t get in the bathroom for at least 20 god damn minutes. he sucks.

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