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as i was driving home today, the person in front of me ran a red light. like, it wasn’t even close – they blatantly cruised through long after it had changed. & it made me think. this guy clearly ran a red light & could have killed someone (ok, a bit extreme but not too far out there) all because he didn’t want to sit & wait at the light for 2 minutes. people are so selfish & that’s the reason the world is so fucked up. i mean think about it, most things wrong & bad in the world can be simply traced back to selfish people who really don’t give a shit about anyone except themselves. even if it’s really fucks up another person or the planet or some shit. oh & don’t worry guys, i’m totally aware that i am in fact becoming a hippie. but anyway, i would be lying if i said i didn’t do anything for selfish reasons. i buy products with lots of packaging, i take really long showers, & i waste electricity sitting on my computer…all things which are seriously damaging the planet. but no one cares about the environment. back to selfish people. i have the great luck of living with selfish people! i hate my roommate. he is so selfish & inconsiderate & it’s gotten to the point where i am so irritated that he is in the apartment that i hide out upstairs. i don’t like him at all & i seriously am sad when i come home & see his car here. god, what an asshole he is. it’s getting to the point where i’m about to rip him a new asshole. or maybe i’ll leave him a note telling him why he’s an asshole. ok you know what, fuck it. every day after my posts i’m going to give 1 reason why he sucks so bad. then i will give him his little note, since he’s the pansy who likes to leave notes for people when his panties are in a bunch. i’ve heard stories of horrible roommates & he’s not that bad i guess, but i’m a spoiled only child. this living with people i don’t like really sucks…

it’s frustrating for people like me who actually like to help people & be nice. believe it or not, that’s how i am, although i try really hard to hide that from you guys. i do most of the shit around the apartment without complaint & all i ask is for people not to be complete tightwads about things. i just wish people would really think about other people sometimes & not be so god damn selfish. you’ll actually feel good about it. you don’t even have to really go out of your way either. most of the students on campus will walk out in front of cars & expect drivers to stop for them. most of the time i wait for all the cars to pass & i think they’re in so much shock that someone’s being considerate that they wave me across. again, i know i know…i’m turning into a hippie. & i know that nothing will change. there is this idea of how things should be & then there is how things are. being nice wont change the world, but it makes you a better person & i highly recommend trying it. you inconsiderate assholes.

i must have done something bad in another life because my roommate…

hordes “his” things. since we’ve been living here in this apartment my other roommate & i have been buying toilet paper & paper towels in bulk for everyone to use. it’s what you do. when it runs out, someone else buys the next round of toilet paper, milk, etc. right? right. well. we’ve been out of toilet paper now & today it was discovered that this asshole has bought toilet paper. his own personal stash that he keeps in his closet. he brings a roll to the bathroom (& what he does in there is for another day) & then leaves, taking his roll with him. i’m still debating on whether or not to take a roll. this will set the stage for me to go down the list of all the things we do for him & how he does nothing for us, if he asks why i took one of his rolls. the only problem – i can’t lock my door & i don’t want him fucking with my stuff. grr. shit situation. more next time!!

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