April 2, 2003 0

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sorry i haven’t been around much, it’s a crunch time in the school year, but i feel so much better now that my porn presentation is over. i did pretty well on it, but as a whole group effort, it bombed. but whatever. i also got the career fair out of the way today. this was my first career fair & it was kinda scary. i was shy & didn’t really go up to many booths…of course, there weren’t many companies that appealed to me, so i just wandered around. it was really hot inside though, & i was sweating hard. i was holding this folder thing & no lie my hand was dripping wet. lotion & sweat & holding something in a hot hot place makes for disaster. i couldn’t hold anything in my right hand for fear that someone might want to shake my hand only to be repulsed. but it was fun. it was free shit heaven & oh man i loved it. of course, i felt it was rude to walk up & take something & walk away so i didn’t get much. all of the cool shit was for weird technology health engineering companies that would never hire me. i did all right though. oooh dammit. i missed out on free beverages & snacks in the student lounge. oh well. if i don’t have a job in the fall, i’m gonna go back to the fall career day & try again, & at least come out with more free stuff.

soooooo, it’s april fool’s day. see, i had this great idea last year but my hosting got all fucked up & i couldn’t do it. so i said, hey, i guess i can wait a year to do it. so now it’s a year later (christ…time flew) & my plan has been sabotaged again! now i am really angry. i swear to god, i will be 80 by the time i finally pull off my april fool’s day joke. so yeah, i’m still not telling what it is…so you’ll have to wait until next year. again. & with that i say – dear god please put me out of my misery if i’m still thinking of doing this next year, because that will just be sad. seriously.

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