March 28, 2003 0

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advertising and the end of the world today was very cool, i went to see sut jhally give a lecture on advertising. i went to see him speak 2 years ago when he was on campus, but i didn’t get there early & we couldn’t all fit in the room, so i never got to see him. this time i came 45 minutes early & the room was bare. anyway, a lot of the videos i watch in my classes were produced or directed by sut jhally so it was really exciting to hear him talk live. i even stuck around for the discussion after. shit, i gave up scrubs for this. i was pretty excited, no lie. he has some interesting things to say & has definitely made me think about things that are going on. the only thing that sucked tonight was that i had gas. no, i wasn’t farting the whole time…in fact, that was my problem. it was all backed up & i had gassy pains shooting through my intestines. i spent the whole time squirming around trying to release the gas that wouldn’t come out.

& not only did i get to see sut jhally, but i also walked through the middle of some war rally on my way to class. thank god it was pretty much over, but still. i feel like i participated in things today. i wasn’t some slothy piece of shit rotting away on the internet. i’m so proud of myself for actually going out & doing things more. unfortunately, i didn’t start doing this until after i’d missed out on a ton of shit. & i’m outta here soon, so i doubt i’ll get to do as many things as i want. that’s one thing that’s kind of bothering me. actually, it’s really bothering me. i missed out on joining clubs & groups & volunteering & just doing shit. not only for résumé boosters, but for fun-ness & life experience. there are things i wish i’d done…but it’s too late now & i’m bummed about it. that’s one good thing about college towns…always something exciting going on. i could definitely see myself living near a university so that i can continue to do stuff, although i dunno how long i could pass off being a student & going down to the hub for free late night student pottery making.

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