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yay!!! reader mail!!

From: Harold Shackelford

Subject: bush picture on your cam


I always knew that you were an airhead but now i know that you are a complete moron putting up a picture of our president like that. Why dont you also put up some humiliating picture of our soldiers that are defending your pathetic self too!

Get a life, Shack.

From: lucky irish

Subject: Human garbage


I’ve always heard people talk about human garbage but I never thought I’d actually come across some until I landed on your website. You really are human waste. Your domain (rhitard) speaks volumes about what a piece of shit you are. Ever hear of Karma? Have you ever heard the phrase “what goes around, comes around”? You may not be in danger of becoming retarded but your children have a really good chance at being born with developmental disabilities. I’m sure a piece of garbage like you would probably just abort a disabled child. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if your white trash ass hasn’t already had 3 or 4 abortions.

I also find it hard to believe you’re a student at Penn St, you’re just too stupid. Human garbage, like yourself, aren’t normally accepted into college. Oh well, I have to laugh when I think of the horrendous future you have in front of you. Scum like you always wind up miserable, sick, poor, and hopeless.

damn, you people have issues…do you get this worked up over political cartoons?? i find it very interesting that all i really did was show my disapproval in the way bush is handling this & you people go apeshit…ranting & raving & calling me mean names. i would’ve actually liked to have a good open debate about this, & i would listen to you guys even though you are so wrong, but christ, you wouldn’t even let me get a word in. that’s why i never really bothered to say anything, because it would fall on deaf ears. i mean, god forbid someone who thinks differently than you might actually have something interesting to say filled with facts to back it up. they use the term ‘sheep’ to describe those people who blindly follow anything their leaders say without question. if people didn’t stop to think about the other side to issues, we’d be even more fucked than we already are. ahh i could go on & on, but why bother.

anyway, along with those emails came an email from juan. i’m pretty sure that juan has a different opinion on the war than me, but he didn’t have his panties in a bunch & wasn’t all defensive when he wrote me. instead he suggested that i look at some websites to get another side to the story. i think that if i were to converse with juan, we could do so in a civilized manner, & maybe even learn something from each other. or agree to disagree. oh, i’m sorry, i was being rational…so my dear fans can understand: JUAN U R STUPID LOSER BLOODTHIRSTY DAUGHTER FUCKING OIL DICK FACE WITH A LOW IQ WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN 1 OF MY ABORTIONS!!!

i also got an email from u.s. naval officer jason pittman …apparently he seemed ok with the fact that i have a different opinion on the war (& shit, you guys don’t even know what i have to say). but everyone knows someone who’s in the military or knows someone in the military…my ex is in the army. all they’re doing is following orders that incompetent leaders give them. it’s not their fault.

Regardless of what you or others feel about the war, please remember that the men and women fighting this war deserve our respect and admiration for putting themselves in harms way. Please don’t let this become another Vietnam, where the people’s disagreement with the leadership bleeds over to contempt for those who follow orders. remember the quote “The soldier, above all others, prays for peace”

so if you disagree with things i say, try telling your thoughts to me in a reasonable way. you guys would have failed miserable on the debate team, mind you. wow, & other people might even listen! you know…then you wont look like such an asshole.

but you know, hey, it’s cool…you got your war. who cares if we piss off more people…most countries hate us already so what’s a few more? if we don’t like it, we can just kick their asses!

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