March 20, 2003 0

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so who here’s been listening to outkast’s bombs over baghdad today? i downloaded it just for the occasion! but speaking of which, what a lame start to a war. i got out the noisemakers & confetti for the countdown. ok, i didn’t really, but i did enthusiastically count down & scream happy new year. but man, they had a live camera on baghdad & i was hoping some shit would blow up at 0…but nothing happened. hell, nothing’s really happened yet & it’s been 2 hours. this is retarded. really. i’ve been keeping my feelings on the war to myself but oh man, i have so much to say i wouldn’t even know where to start. maybe if i get my homework done, i’ll give you my take on this war thing. until then, please guys, check out the alternative media available, (i like ‘the nation’ & ‘z magazine’)…it might give you a better perspective on what’s really up. but if it’s not too much to ask, please mr. dubya, don’t fuck us in the ass too hard, ok thanks.


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