March 17, 2003 0

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so it’s st. patrick’s day, the day everybody mysteriously becomes irish. i guess if your great great second cousin twice removed was part irish, that makes you irish, too. so by that logic, hey, i’m irish!! speaking of which, i just recently found out that i’m part jewish! i guess how that works is that the “jewish gene” is passed down through the females, so technically i’m not really jewish cuz it was my grandfather who was the jew, but yeah, who cares. & i’m irish, too, dammit. that’s what is great about being a mutt. pick an ethnicity, i’ve got it in me. or i’ve had it in me if you know what i’m sayin’ *wink* haha. no i’m just kidding. right, so i’m gonna go out drinking today of course. regardless of whether or not you’re truly irish, you should be drinking. & i’ve never had green beer, so this is my first time…& well, i’m excited! i own nothing green so maybe i can use that as my way to lure people into giving me beads, leis, hats, etc. i picked up a nice collection last year. i was especially impressed with myself for leaving with a green pig.

st patricks day

now call me crazy, but isn’t a beauty & brains contest supposed to have hot chicks in it?

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