March 16, 2003 0

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oh man, yesterday i went to pittsburgh for a cat show & we found out we get to take our kitties home friday! god, we’ve been waiting forever. & what really sucks is that after going to the cat show, there are at least 5 different breeds of cats that i want. i will end up being a crazy old cat lady for sure, but it’d be a little bit easier if i got $20 pet store cats instead of $500 exotic grand champion pure bred offspring cats. but whatever i end up doing, i will be getting my precious birman. they are the most gorgeous cats ever & i’ve wanted one since i was 16. i should probably wait until i move to where ever i’m going to live to get one, but since my post-graduation options don’t look too hot & i’m just too damn impatient, i will get one when my lease here runs out here this summer. this waiting is driving me crazy cuz i want one now god dammit. but come friday, i will have my mom’s maine coon cat kitties to keep me from getting restless. here are some of my favorite pictures that we took when we went to go look at them back in february…

kitty in my shirt

kitty crawled down my shirt

my kitty

my favorite kitten


how cute is this?!

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