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once upon a time in the kingdom of atlantic city, a fair maiden arrived at castle tropicana hoping to acquire all the gold of the kingdom, so that she wouldn’t have to become a slave to the evil emperor: corporate america. but the fair maiden lost much of the gold she came with on the slot machines, blackjack & roulette table. see, roulette was not as kind to the maiden as it was when she used fake gold at charity casino night. the fair maiden was very poor, so the 80 bucks worth of gold she lost really sucked ass. alas, as the fair maiden sat around watching her fellow peasants lose their gold on blackjack, waiting for wenches to bring free drinks to drown her sorrows, a knight in shining armor appeared. he beckoned the fair maiden to sit next to him & play blackjack. he placed his gold in front of her, & the fair maiden quickly lost all the gold because the trolls of the kingdom dealt shitty hands and the fair maiden just has really really bad luck. the knight in shining armor then gave the fair maiden more gold so she could continue to play for hours into the night. after losing hundreds & hundreds of dollars, the knight decided it was time for them to turn their remaining gold into cold hard cash. the fair princess now held $225 in her hands. now, because the fair maiden is not a total ho, she told the knight that he should take the gold because it was his. but he let the fair maiden keep it. the fair maiden was slightly concerned that the knight might think she was a street walker, but after some resistance & the old “thank you so much, it was very nice to meet you, i had fun, goodnight!”, he finally let her return to her chambers to let her fellow peasants know that she loves being a hot maiden & thought shit like that only happened in movies. the next day they left the land of atlantic city after having one kick ass time & lived happily ever after. the end!

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