March 9, 2003 0

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hahaha oh man, i’m watching the religious channel & there’s this show on where they’re totally freaking out about rock & rap stars who commit sin while wearing crosses & having religious shit tattooed on them. oh no, these stars are demeaning the word of god & making satan proud. you can order the danger of rock & roll video & i don’t think it’s any coincidence that it’s $69.95…

i think i need to write visa to tell them their visa check card commercials are completely worthless. i used my check card to buy this (more expensive than it should have been) shirt today & the lady asked me for id. you know, because the purpose of the card is so you don’t have to worry about getting hassled with the id crap. i even joked about it but she didn’t really seem to care. i should sue visa. maybe fib that i didn’t have my id on me because i knew i wouldn’t need it when i used the card.

so the people at adelphia are real buttlords. i couldn’t figure out why my images weren’t showing up & it took me forever & a half to find out the problem on their website. my url used to be but they decided to make everyone but never bothered to tell me i’d have to sign up for webspace again. right, because i had webspace before, but i really didn’t want my free webspace anymore with the new server so they were doing me a favor by not telling me. ok. so i have to upload all my stuff again. & the weird thing is, my images show up now (under the address) so i didn’t have to go back through my archives to change all the urls. i guess i can’t complain about that, but what is their deal? so that’s what i’ve been doing, uploading my files & making some site changes (that you wont even notice). i got some features lined up, but i need to write them…so i hope i can do all that over break. we’ll see how much i get done though.

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