February 27, 2003 0

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dear god, these nicotine patches are giving me wicked nightmares. they said i could have vivid dreams & i was all about it, you know, vivid dreams are all life-like & you remember them when you wake up so it’s cool. but these are vivid nightmares & i wake up feeling all traumatized. so far i dreamt that someone broke into my apartment & was going to kill me, & that this guy i love had cancer. i mean, come on, what is this shit? but the sadistic side of me wants to keep wearing the patch at night to see what other crazy shit i’ll dream about. if it keeps happening i’ll write em out & make it a feature section. it’ll be like a crazy bad acid trip.

afghan rhi yesterday some chick came right up to me & asked to take my picture. being as narcissistic as i am i said sure & felt all special. i didn’t ask why she wanted to take my picture at first, so i started to think that maybe she was part of this lesbian organization that goes around taking pictures of girls & then makes some underground lesbian journal filled with “everyday chicks we’d like to shove dildos in” or something. so i asked (why she wanted to take my picture, not if this was for a lesbian journal) & she said it was for her final project & she was just taking pictures of interesting looking people. think of the national geographic cover with the girl from afghanistan. so that made me feel even more special. but then i got to thinking…maybe i should go around hunting down hot guys & asking if i can take their pictures as an excuse to talk to them, & then be all like, yeah it’s for class. & if i can’t score a date, i can make a journal filled with “hot guys i’d like to shove dildos in” or something. haha. actually, i’ve been thinking about getting into photography again. i really want to. i’ve been super impulsive lately, so i would be out doing that…if i had a digital camera. so there goes that idea. wow, this would be the perfect opportunity to shamelessly beg & cry for someone to buy me a digital camera off my wishlist, but i don’t have one on there & i’m too lazy to go look for one. but keep in mind i did tell my roommates that i have this website & that strange internet men buy me gifts…but not one amazon delivery has come yet. yeah, you know?

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