February 23, 2003 0

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there are so many things wrong with that fucked up transplant, & i’m not even talking about the retards who put the wrong organs in her without even checking for something as trivial as blood type. first off, she wasn’t even an american citizen. that’s pretty fucked up that illegal aliens can jump the border to get medical attention. hey, if you live in a dirt poor country, is that our fault? i don’t know the technicalities of waiting lists, but i think there is definitely something wrong with an american hospital denying an american patient a transplant cuz someone who does not live, work, or contribute to american society in anyway gets their transplant, then leaves & goes back to their country. that doesn’t sound fair to me. second, 2 sets of organs were wasted, & not only does this chick die, some other people who could have used the organs get to die now too because, oops, someone made a mistake! third, & this one is great…she got another set of organs 2 weeks later. this goes to show that if you really need something, you can get it. most people have to wait years & years for organs & they usually die by the time they get them. true, this chick waited 3 years for her first set, but like everything else “fair” in this country, some people still get special treatment. & here’s the final kicker…the girl’s parents did not donate any of her organs. seriously, how fucked up is that? i don’t get mad easily, but that just flat out pissed me off. what a bunch of selfish motherfuckers, i mean come on. these people know the importance of organ donation yet they wont give up their dead daughters healthy organs for other people who might need them. i wont be surprised if these people try to sue the hell out of the hospital. god damn…i mean, shit, i guess i would be mad pissed if someone fucked up my surgery, but these people don’t have the right to sue for something they really didn’t have the right for in the first place. fuck everyone, this is pissing me off. if my organs go to waste in a situation like this, you better believe i will be haunting some motherfuckers.

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