February 17, 2003 0

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oh my god i am so pissed off at my roommate’s stupid piece of shit dog. god dammit. he ate my fucking papier mache mask. that thing took forever to make & i was so proud of it. & he ate it. the dog fucking eats everything. the trash, the furniture, people’s food, his own shit & vomit…god he’s disgusting. he smells so bad & everyone hates him. he is a god damn bad dog & he knows it. he eats everything, sits on the furniture when he’s not allowed, pissed on the couch once, & bit my mom. god, that motherfucker is lucky all i did was scream at him & lock him in the bathroom instead of kicking his head in, which i wanted to do. & what sucks even more is that i’m stuck paying half the pet fee. it’s bullshit! i hate him. i’m thisclose to fucking taking him out to the highway & letting him loose so he gets hit by a car. he’s a bad fucking dog & deserves it.

for once i like snow! well, except for the fact that i’m stranded here. so the unthinkable happened…we had a snow day! it only takes 2 feet of snow & blizzard like conditions for that to happen. & to think i even had a test today that will have to be rescheduled. darn! & what did i do with my day? i found a picture of a weird dude, & played with it in psp.

weird dude

weird dude weird dude

this is what i did with my day. i feel like posting it would justify the fact that i wasted my time with this. i don’t even have anything funny to say about it. here, you think up something funny. maybe i should try that to my face myself. come up with some crazy shit on one side & fuck with people. i could have some fun with it. right. look for that tomorrow! i have to go write a cover letter for a company i will never apply to now. class is gay, too bad i have to go back tomorrow.

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