February 9, 2003 0

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apparently i’m not good enough to be published in the collegian. i guess they aren’t ready to hear a little criticism & sarcasm. i guess i’ll have to stick with bitching about trivial penn state drama here. almost every day i have something to say about the shit they write, but i’ve taken the hint that they don’t care what i have to say. dammit, can’t nobody take my pride, can’t nobody hold me down! oh no, i’ve got to keep on movin’!

so, i have no idea what the deal is about my cam hosting, i’m guessing that’s gone kaput, so does anyone want to host it? pretty please with sugar on top?? let me know, & i’ll plug you so you can get 3 extra visitors to your site. tempting, i know.

yesterday i took a little road trip with my mom to leicester, ny to go visit the big tree maine coon cat cattery. my mom really wants to get some maine coon cat kitties because they have a very sweet demeanor, and they’re gorgeous cats. so we went to this place to see all the award winning cats & their litters. we can’t take any home yet because they aren’t old enough, but in 6 weeks we get to go back to take home our kittens. we decided on a boy & a girl, & we’ve got the boy picked out, but not the girl. my mom isn’t hot on the girl i like cuz she’s a bit reserved, but we’ll see when we go back, to really get a look at their personalities. i’ll post up the pictures we took when the film gets developed. even though i don’t live at home, i’m excited about the kitties, & i’ll be going home a lot to see them. it’s shitty going home now since there aren’t any cats there anymore. since i’ve been little, we’ve always had at least one cat around, so i don’t like really being there now. i’m itching to get my own cats, but i have to wait until i move someone for good. that’s coming up waaaaay too soon. i’m gonna be an “adult” soon. fuck this, i want to be 18 again. well, unless post-college life is better than college life (which most people say isn’t). man. well, i have 3 tests this week, 2 on friday. maybe being finished with college wont be so bad, at least i wont have to deal with crap like that anymore. i’m trying to make dean’s list this semester, might as well go out with a bang. hasta.

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