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graphic by katy carpenter…please don’t sue me

i wrote my first letter to the editor at my school paper. i’ve wanted to say shit so bad for so long for so many things, but today i felt inspired to do it & i did, baby. lots of shit pisses me off & i’ll bitch about it here, or to my friends, or i don’t bother at all. but seriously, some times things really piss me off, and i need to lay the smack down.

so here’s the scoop. we have a “free” bus called the loop that runs across campus & downtown. people have recently been complaining because the loop is always too full, and people ride it for only 1 or 2 stops, when people who have to go far can’t get on because it’s too full. today some genius came up with the idea of giving people a certain # of free rides for the week, that would be encoded onto people’s id cards, so you would only use the bus when you really needed it. a good(?) idea in theory, but it doesn’t work that way, so i wrote my letter. this school is full of whining little shits, & i’d like to see the bus gotten rid of for good so they can go cry about it. if you’re here cuz you read my letter in the paper, can you at least understand what i’m saying? yes, we do have a big campus & it gets really cold, but people are ungrateful & are looking for any reason to bitch & it’s fucking annoying.

anyway, since i had to cut it down to 250 words, i had to edit a lot out. this is my masterpiece in it’s entirety:

“Complain complain complain. I can’t believe I am still reading about the Loop crisis, listening to you people complain over something so trivial. Yesterday’s (2/3) editorial finally pushed me over the edge, after I stopped laughing. I used to work in the ID office, and while it might not seem too difficult to encode more stuff onto a card that’s already encoded in the first place, you try putting data into a computer for 40,000+ students, all so a few people will stop crying. Sure, it’s nothing like implementing the new ID+ cards for all faculty, staff, and students in 1998, but if you don’t think this is a complete waste of time and resources for the 4 people who work in the ID office, then you are an idiot. Oh, I’m sorry, these people’s time and sanity is worth sacrificing so that 40,000 cranky Loop riders wont have to walk half a mile. And who’s tuition will it come out of to pay for putting swipe machines in the Loop? You’ll have fun complaining about that, too. Or the people who have used up their free rides who still get on the bus anyway, who hold up the line fumbling for change.

When I was a freshman, we had to pay 40 cents to ride the Loop, so I never bothered. I had to walk from East Halls to Sackett for my 9 o’clock class. Please lets all take a moment to feel sorry for me. Lets also feel bad for the poor people in East Halls who were late for their Forum class because the Loop was too full to stop for them. The only people who “need” the Loop are people who park at the Bryce Jordan Center or who have class over at West campus across Atherton.
Want a solution? Bag the Loop, and only run the Link, stopping at the Bryce Jordan Center, West campus, and somewhere in between. You know, for the people who really need it. Stop complaining and be glad the University even bothered to give you a bus in the first place. I’ve ridden it long distances, I’ve ridden it short distances. I like having the Loop around, but you people are spoiled & deserve to have it taken away. It wont kill you to walk and you’ll even get something called exercise out of it which, a surprise I know, is good for you.”

i hope people get all pissed off & respond…hopefully there’ll be more to this story…

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