January 31, 2003 0

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i feel like a million bucks right now. after last night i was expecting to feel like shit run over twice. so this is a nice surprise. it’s great that the fun-o-meter is measured by how bad you feel the next day. kind of a no pain no gain mentality. or something. but man, gotta get this out now, cuz it’ll kill me when i’m older heh.

yeah, so if there’s one thing i can be grateful for, it’s that i will never ever never never ever be That Girl. after last night’s close encounter of the psycho kind, i’ve been inspired to inform you about That Girl. maybe someday i’ll snazz this up & make it a feature, but till then, i’ll give the lowdown. guys. you know That Girl. she’s the girl you try to avoid like the plague. low self-esteem, dependency issues, superficiality, & over all psychoness qualities. she’s the girl with so much emotional baggage, you’re ready to send her a one-way ticket to siberia. & when you do that, this girl will not accept that it’s over. if she’s not calling crying 20 times a day, she’s following you around screaming at you calling you a giant asshole with a small wee wee. once this calms down & you think you are finally free, That Girl will come over to your place at 3 am looking for a little booty. you, being a man, have sex with her, not thinking with the right head. of course, this is a bad idea. That Girl will feel that you are back together. you can tell her she’s a fat disgusting pig & that you are just using her like the cheap whore that she is, but it wont get through that skull. she will still talk about the two of you like you are a couple because she managed to bag you a few times when you were too inebriated to know what was going on. when you pick up a new girl, this will send That Girl into hysterics & probably into an awesome bitch fight. now guys, you think this is bad, right? well, girls. girls girls girls, what do you do when That Girl is your roommate or “friend?” you get the blunt of it. usually That Girl will come home wasted, crying, screaming, & will trash the place. of course, being a “friend” who doesn’t want to deal with the shit, you are forced to listen to hours & hours & hours of bitching & whining & “he still loves me, i know it, why is he doing this to me?” type talk. you also have to be the mediator & take the phone away when they want to make late night drunken calls, & bite your tongue when you want to say “you are a fucking nut job, no shit, no one will ever love you!” wow, this shit is drama & a half. but i do admit i love watching it, as long as i’m not directly involved. i know all of you know exactly the type of chicks i’m talking about. i guess it’s true…chicks really can be evil.

well, i got another thing going for me…i’m not That Girl.

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