January 29, 2003 0

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fuck me, i have a cold. i am so repulsive when i’m sick. everyone is to an extent, but i am nasty & don’t care. i’ve been carrying around my roll of toilet paper cuz i’m too cheap to buy tissues. & the used ones are lying all over the floor & the desk. i also reuse tissues when they dry. the best is when i cough & sneeze all over my food. i don’t bother washing my hands after i blow my nose. i figure, fuck it, i’m sick already. the shit’s oozing all out of my body, what’s the harm in eating it? i am so gross. i’d turn on the cam…great mid-sneeze shots i’m sure. but the link’s not working. i dunno what’s wrong. i haven’t bothered to find out.

i know you guys all get those nigerian email scams all the time. i got bored & looked up shit on them. i ended up finding a bunch of pages from people trying to scam the scammers. this guy writes back to these people pretending to be interested, & he goes as david lee roth. seriously, i was up till 5 am reading this shit. the best one is when he gets the guy to send in a picture holding up a sign with “mr. david lee roth” on it. good stuff, good stuff. this guy poses as a chick, convinces him she’s in amsterdam & sets him up to catch him on a webcam. this almost makes me want to reply to the next one i get. could it be another feature? hmm…we’ll see.

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