January 27, 2003 0

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good god. that whole experience was depressing as hell. i never want to be without media again. christ. i was seriously moodier than all hell & depressed that i couldn’t go online or watch tv. i was bored & literally sat around & did nothing most of the time. & to top it all off, the vcr ran out of tape so i missed half of scrubs & friday’s days of our lives. i think it’s gonna take awhile to get back on track, cuz these past 4 lonely days fucked me up. time to go catch up on everything. yeah, & the super bowl & commercials sucked. but on a funnier note, & how this came up, i do not know, when i told my mom that i haven’t seen 2001: a space odyssey & that i wanted to see it, she told me to see it stoned.

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