January 21, 2003 0

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starting tomorrow i have to abstain from tv, the internet & computer, movies, magazines, newspapers, music & books (not school related) until sunday. i have to do this for not one, but TWO classes, so i’m gonna do it. no cheating. but you better believe i’ll be working the loopholes. i know this is really going to suck, but i thought it could be interesting. until i remembered that i will basically be locked in my apartment for 4 days with nothing to do, thanks to sub-arctic temperatures outside. well fuck me 🙁 i have no job & no boyfriend. what the hell am i gonna do? if it was warm out i’d go hiking & do outdoorsy shit, but it’s too cold for that. so now i am really pissed about this assignment, cuz i’d have so much more flexibility if it was at the end of the semester when it’s warm out. seriously, that makes it suck even more. my roommates wont want to hang out with me cuz they always have the tv on. if i could convince them to play board games & puzzles with me, they’d want at least some music on. i am going to have to go to my parents house to play games with them cuz i know my friends will tell me to fuck off when i want to do this in complete silence. my parents will oblige because it’s for school. no one else would cuz no one’s that supportive of me.

i have plans to shop tomorrow…& i will clean & cook, & actually read my books way in advance, & sleep a lot, but i am going to run out of ideas. i think i will resort to hitting the bottle. they say kids with nothing to do are more likely to turn to drugs, & fuck, i don’t even have the computer & tv to keep me from being bored. i will spend my time trying to find drugs i’m sure. especially drugs that will make me not mind staring blankly at a wall for hours on end. i’d go walk around outside if it wasn’t so fucking cold, but instead, i will occupy myself with substance abuse. i see no other choice, really. i think i’m gonna write that in my report. gah. i’m almost tempted to leave my phone # on here cuz i’m allowed to talk on the phone. sure, i’ll go visit my friends, but i know already they aren’t gonna be all excited about being media free when i’m around. they’d be more likely to talk to me on the phone so they can watch tv or whatever on their end. my loopholes are going places where i can’t avoid media. i’m probably gonna be at the bar or parties every night of this experiment thing & i can’t help it if there’s gonna be music there. that’s not really cheating is it? but seriously, i’m not staying in all weekend doing literally nothing so that i don’t subject myself to hearing music playing at a bar. but i will make an honest effort not to watch tv if it happens to be on around me. since i have to keep a journal, i’ll probably end up putting most of that on the site. i already know it will serve for good entertainment. i wont even lie. i am totally dependent on media. almost everyone is, but shit, i can keep myself happy by spending half my day in front of the computer, with the tv or music on. i think like, normal people actually have hobbies & shit. so yeah, i have to start this tomorrow since i want to catch the super bowl, & i need to do this for at least 3 or 4 days. i swear to god i will cry if the commercials suck. i will have to release all this tension on sunday, kinda like finally blowing my load after holding it for so long, so it better be good. well, off to set the vcr…no days of our lives or scrubs :*( …& do a last minute media cram…


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