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yes, if you are an eagles fan, then i am a huge asshole. golly, that fourth quarter interception really sucked huh? haha. ok, so i really did want philly to win. i mean come on, i’m probably gonna end up there when i graduate, & you know it’s their last game ever at the field so they just had to win. but they didn’t. & i was a bit pissed cuz i think the tampa bay coach looks like a real dick. he’s the type of guy you’d meet at a frat & just be like, wow, what a cock sucker. you can just tell. so i’m angry he’s going to the super bowl. i’d have loved to see him throw a tempertantrum on the field. but yeah, the reason i must rub it into die hard eagle fan’s faces is because i am a mean sadistic person. i wont ever have to hear the horrible chant again for awhile. & i do have to admit that it makes me giggle thinking that half the town is miserable right now. i don’t give a shit about football, so it’s fun to taunt people who do.

but if there’s one thing i’m excited about, i think the super bowl commercials are gonna be pretty good this year. well, judging on what i saw today. i love the nike commercial with the streaker at the soccer game. it’s great. & i know i just bitched about how much i hate macs not too long ago, but i gotta admit that the commercial with mini me & the genetically engineered 20 foot asian dude is pretty cool. don’t let me down, dammit! the past few super bowl commercials have sucked ass.

right. so…hmm…i was going to bring back a little surprise friday night, but it didn’t work out. we have the good old anti-drinking campaigns around campus, & on thursday, friday, & saturday nights they offer late night activities for people, as an alternative to drinking. so we went friday night, before we hit the bars of course, to do wax hands. you get to dip your hand in wax & get it painted cool colors & shit. i was all about it. so we get there around 9:45 since it started at 9:30. & we waited. & waited. & waited. then got some freshmen to save our spot in line so we could hit the carnival of mysteries for free tarot card readings & handwriting analysis. the handwriting analysis guy was awesome. right on with my roommate, & pretty accurate with me. he was a real cool guy & i’ll post his website when i find his business card. definitely worth checking out. so after all that we get back to the wax hands line & mother fucker, they’d gone through like, 4 people in the past hour. so it was after 11 & there were still about 12 people in front of us so we had to give up on the wax hands. i am real pissed cuz i know they could have done that a bit faster. but since it seemed to be a success, i hope they bring it back again. & this time you better believe i will get there mad early & i will have my wax hand giving the bird. some of the shit they offer for late night is really cool. thing is, it conflicts with drinking time (obviously the point) & people would rather go out then do this stuff. i wish i’d known about this when i was a freshman, i would have done more stuff. basket weaving would be cool, dammit. it’s my last semester, might as well take advantage of what’s offered. chip mock caricatures next saturday! i am a dork & i love it.

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