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my apartment is cold. i will sit in a long sleeved shirt, a fleece, sweat pants, & slippers underneath a blanket & still be cold. it doesn’t help that it’s been on average 20 degrees & colder this winter, so we went out & bought this window insulation stuff. it’s kinda like saran wrap & you tape it to the windows then blow dry it so it shrinks & creates an air tight seal around the window so that the draft wont come in. so i did the window in my room cuz it’s right by the computer & my room is one of the coldest in the place. of course i don’t read the directions & i make a big mess out of it. i’ve got it taped all around in a mess, i don’t have it sealed, i’m all like, what the fuck is this doing? so once i saw how it was supposed to work i did it & it looked awesome. seamless, locked, warm. & then i saw that i can’t hang my blinds back up. we have these ghetto ass windows where you can only hang shit from inside the window cavity, the part that is all sealed off. not only that, i can’t smoke in my room now cuz i can’t crack the window to let the smoke out. funny how i’m a smoker but i cannot stand second hand smoke & i don’t want my room all smoky & nasty now. it’s bad enough downstairs. mother fucker. anyway, here’s the stupid naked window.


see, it keeps the heat in but just looks terrible. not to mention people would be able to look into my window, & i don’t think i’d be comfortable with strangers watching me & all. so i figured i’d just try to screw the broken blinds into wall right above the window. they repaint these places after everyone moves out so who cares if there’s some big holes in the wall? but then…my creative juices started flowing & tonight became an arts & crafts night. i decided to hit wal-mart to find some fabric to make curtains with! the shit i bought was the cheap stuff at 2 bucks a yard. since i have no concept of measurement, it’s a good thing there was only 2 yards left of the stuff cuz i was gonna get 4. & i’d have had waaaay too much of this god awful fabric. my mission was tacky. i found tacky, but tacky came at a price apparently. so my mission was tacky and cheap. the $2 fabric, doesn’t get much cheaper than that. & i found it. my blue & purple funky squared fabric. & i got giant metallic push pins to keep them up. they look so great!


eat your heart out martha stewart! not only am i warmer now, but i’m saving money on the gas bill, & i spiced up my room, all for $5! well $5.03 to be exact. i still have that .97 cents in my pocket. that is the worst. getting almost a dollar in change because wal-mart doesn’t have those life-saving give a penny take a penny things & the people behind you in line don’t even check to see if they might have a few lousy pennies to give you so you don’t have a fucking dollar’s worth of change…

yeah, speaking of coins, thanks to new york, i now have like $12 worth of dollar coins. dollar coins are horrible. what do you do with them? i was gonna give one to the pizza boy for a tip but i would have felt like such an asshole. i couldn’t pay for a drink at the bar with one either cuz i would just feel weird. i wouldn’t pay for anything with one, really, if i had to hand it to an actual person. but i finally found a way to get rid of those stupid things. stamp machines at the post office. fuck yeah, it’s all good now.

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