January 13, 2003 0

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have i told you lately that i hate macs? christ almighty, my page looks like giant dildo poop on a macintosh. it looks great on any pc, but noooo macs have to be all gay & inferior. pieces of shit. did i bitch about macs recently? oh i know i wanted to, but i don’t remember it i did. either way, the last time i was in the lab a mac ate this chick’s disk. hahaha. stupid mac. yeah, so i know i’ve gotten on this every other day posting kick, but i have an hour to kill in this cruddy basement computer lab & nothing to do. i guess i could look at porn…but this chick next to me keeps looking over at my computer. i hope she reads this. & feels like an asshole. the reason i’m in the computer lab is obviously cuz it’s the first day of school & i’m a super dork. instead of going home for 2 & a half hours like normal people, i decide to stick around & find random shit to do, all because i don’t want to lose my shit parking spot. i’ve only been to 2 classes so far, but my personality class looks like it’s gonna be wicked fun.

in sad sad news, one of the bee gees died. the bee gees kicked ass & you know it. disco was totally cool & they were the masters. you all know saturday night fever, wasn’t that soundtrack tight?! if i wasn’t in a lab i’d be singing & disco dancing right now. what is your favorite bee gees song? “stayin’ alive” is definitely one of the best. but i really like “tragedy,” that moves me. i can’t listen to “night fever” without thinking about that stupid long distance commercial. & “more than a woman” never really did anything for me, but you know, it’s starting to grow on me. ooh ooh & there was this other song i liked too, but i don’t remember what it’s called. my parents brought me up on disco when i was young & i can’t thank them more! i think i’m the only person who really really loved the 70s. even though i wasn’t alive back then. so who knows, it might really have sucked like everyone says but i doubt it. yeah, so go download some bee gees shit tonight ok?

ok, so i am really really really hooked on elimination online. basically once survivorcam was over i needed something to fill the void since they took my cu away. well, they made it really really gay. http://www.cuseemeworld.com & see for yourself. oh yeah, so i decided to check out elimination. i was mad confused for awhile & i spent hours reading shit, but i got it now & i’m hooked. i don’t watch any of these types of shows on tv (although i kinda got suckered into the joe millionaire thinger out of sadistic nature) but i’m all about these games online. fuck, if they do another survivorcam, i’ll still follow religiously, even though it totally bombed after my victory. e-o’s got that fresh newness deal about it i guess. it’s put together well, so go catch it NOW before you get too behind…

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