January 13, 2003 0

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i can’t believe i’m thinking about taking a 9 am class in my last semester, all in the name of days of our lives. well, days plays one aspect, but yeah, i hate those little turd burglar communication majors making me have to take a 9 am (if i even decide to take the class). i hate them. i’ve registered for 7 classes because i’m not getting fucked this time. it always happens that a class you take is so horrible that you have to drop it, & since you weren’t expecting it to blow ass, you didn’t think to have a back up. oh not this time. any class i thought i might like i signed up for. then i just go to them all & drop the ones that i don’t like. & it was all going to work out except for that goddamn communications class. i’m not in the major so if i want in, i have to make arrangements with the teacher & i also get stuck with the god-awful class time. man, i’m gonna miss school though. at least every 4 months you get to change your schedule around & take different classes. not to mention all those sweet ass breaks. if i get some office job, it’ll be the same thing day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. i’m really expecting an office space type scenario, without the whole hypnosis & not going to work thing. when i tell people my major, everyone always asks “is that like, history?” & “what are you going to do with that? be a teacher?” that is not sounding so bad. you get all the breaks. & i could be this mean ass bitch to my kids. of course i’d have to go through more school just to be able to teach, & i’m not about that, but who knows. i’ll have my kids singing hot for teacher. actually i’ll be like mary kay letourneau. i like young boys…

this weekend was bad. i spent $50 just drinking, & for me that’s a lot. what i learned from nyc is to appreciate the college bars here. they aren’t anything special but they don’t charge 8 bucks for a goddamn drink. i don’t even like paying $3. fuck, i’m happy at parties drinking beast. beast is great! but i think my tolerance is going up. low tolerance is a blessing, it truly is. fucking tolerance…pissing me off. ok so my weekend really wasn’t bad, it was just bad from the monetary standpoint. i got to play trivia, and man, my competitive streak really comes out when i’m drinking. don’t even try to fuck with me when i’m in game mode. lord knows what i would have done had i actually done well at trivia. but this needs to be more regular. that shit is the best! & i told some jerkoff i hoped he got arrested. that felt so good. a group of people were stumbling down the street & this drunk dude was heading our way with a cup of beer trying to talk to us. i was all like, ‘i hope you get arrested. yeah, walk by a cop with that open container ok?’ & they all went ooooooh, all like, what a bitch. i love the internet for the fact that i’m taking my online bitchiness out to the real world. good deal.

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