January 10, 2003 0

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i am so depressed, i don’t know if i can go on living. ever since i got back from vacation i’ve been all excited because oooooh my cute steve madden boots are coming!!!! i couldn’t wait. until i find out that my mom screwed up the order & they aren’t coming. i found them on sale for $50 for christsake! now i can’t find anything cheaper than $100. i am so so sad. sad because i have to pay so much money now. & if i buy them right away, you betcha they’ll be on sale for a hell of a lot less in less than a week. so now i have to wait. wait because i am cheap. weeks…months…who knows. oh how i was looking forward to getting them. fuck.

god dammit i’m such a fucking girl. when did i start caring like this about shoes? & i think i need new sneakers, too, they got a big old hole in the bottom which blows ass when it’s raining. sure, they aren’t water proof, but my shoe is not supposed to fill up with water till my foot is soaked. fucking shoes, i don’t even like shoes… 🙁

yeah, & cu is down. they’re trying to take it down forever & make people pay to use it. oh come on, they’ve tried it before & it didn’t work. i even downloaded all this free trial crap & it didn’t work. it didn’t work at all. i hate this. i have nothing to kill time with now except through tv & housework. i did the dishes & cooked, cleaned the sink & hand washed clothes today. that’s all i did. & that’s a productive day for me. i missed days of our lives because this retarded solar alarm thing i have didn’t want to work & i woke up at 5 pm. 5 pm! the sun was ready to set by the time i got out of bed. what is wrong with me?!?!?! at least i’m trying to motivate myself to work on the site a bit. i finally put up my survivorcam crap. good god that took forever to do. i have decided adding new content will not be high on my priority list because not only am i in a creative shit hole, but it just takes waaay too long. not only that, i got a new voicemail # cuz my trial expired. i don’t know why since only 3 people called. call it & leave fun messages for me, you assholes! what da dilly?? all right, enjoy. & pray for my steve madden lusst boots. come to mommy, please.

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