December 26, 2002 0

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well it’s been awhile huh? i had to live up my last weekend at school before break, & boy was that interesting. of course i had no time to get in my christmas shopping so i’ve been a busy little beaver with that. & now it’s all over. yeah yeah merry christmas i guess. if you don’t celebrate christmas, then you’re dumb. i’m not into this happy holidays politically correctness crap. anyway, i’m doing the usual…going to see the relatives upstate, so you wont be hearing from me in awhile. & i’m spicing it up this year by heading down to nyc for new year’s eve to ring in 2003 & my birthday in a classy way. i dunno when i’ll be back, & frankly who cares. i’ve got a hot dress that my mom stole from a mannequin. she paid for it, i mean, but she stripped the poor mannequin nekkid to get me the last size small. that was fun. all right kids, i’m off to enjoy all my cool new presents & i’ll have an update for all 4 of you visitors when i’m 22. in the mean time, buy me shit off my wishlist ok? i got zip for my 21st birthday & i was sad. use up my damn voicemail, too. i have like 45 minutes left & only a couple weeks till my free trial runs out. thanks to the 2 people who left me messages. you guys are so cool. so yeah, see ya next year, & since i’m at my house i don’t have any cool shit here to keep you occupied till i return, so deal with it. have a good one!

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