December 12, 2002 0

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let me tell you how much freezing rain sucks. it sucks cuz you fall on the sidewalk when you’re walking, & you slide all over the place when you’re driving. but i have a different problem. i have no heat in my car. so i had to go to class today, & on the way home, it was still raining & it was freezing on my windshield. now most people would turn on the defroster, but see, i can’t because i have no heat. so i couldn’t really see & at red lights i would roll down my window & real quick try to scrape the ice so i had this little spot i could see through. at least classes were cancelled today at noon, although i sure as shit wasn’t going to my 4:40 anyway.

i have a big red scratch on my face. i went to bed last night (sober) with no big red scratch. i woke up with one. i really want to know what the hell happened. this is really bothering me…

yeah, so, today i applied for a job all by myself!! the only 2 jobs i’ve ever had were pretty much handed to me, but this wont be the case anymore. i’m all proud of myself. i’d be real surprised if i hear back from them though, since my resume is certainly not anything special. at all. i think my only chance of landing a job that doesn’t completely suck is by actually going to places and meeting personally. all this online recruiting & applying crap is worthless because my resume sucks so bad! but i don’t care, i’m still gonna try. i’m going to go to the campus career center in hopes that they can find jobs for me, because what i’ve found on my own hasn’t given me much hope. the only company that contacted me was some shoddy looking telemarketing in disguise bond broker company. i did that shit 4 hours a day for 9 months & i would kill myself if i had to do it again…8 hours a day. if anyone knows of some good jobs i might have a shot at in nyc or philly, or anywhere really, tell me!!! please!

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