December 9, 2002 0

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bad news. i didn’t get to see strippers last night cuz there weren’t any there. at least i found out before we drove alllll the way out there & paid $15. who the hell advertises a show at a strip joint & then doesn’t have any strippers there?? i guess they were supposed to be. but they weren’t. sucks for the people who went & then found out. good news. i got to watch the sopranos. god dammit furio needs to come back so him & carmella can have a hot lusty affair. although if he ever shows his face in town tony will have him killed. god, what was she thinking? she could have just said “i’ve been madly in love with A GUY this past year.” way to go, carmella. dumbass.

i’m in a really bad mood. must be that special time in my cycle. or maybe there’s just nothing to be happy about. my health. my family. whoopdee fucking doo. school is depressing me. not just finals, but what i’ve actually learned about the world. i’m an american studies major & now i hate america. i don’t even feel like elaborating on that. but one thing’s for sure, technology is really going to fuck us in the end. while i’m not worried about a.i. & terminator shit, take a look at what will happen to the economy thanks to technology. hell, you can see it right now. machines are more efficient than human labor, and they are cheaper. who’s gonna hire you when a machine can do what you can do just as good or better? not to mention cheaper. so many jobs are being replaced by machines, people don’t have employment, & no one gives a shit. greed with the help of machines is really going to fuck us. while technology wont completely “take over” the world, because hey we do need human labor, i can guarantee that our economic situation isn’t going to improve. no one thinks twice about laying off thousands of workers to make an extra buck. better tap into that creative resource, or else you’ll have no place in the future. it’s fucking frustrating as hell, & i guess i’m seeing the light as i’m ready to hightail it out of school. maybe that’s why i’m depressed. or it’s just because i’m a camgirl, who knows.

yeah, & this is a really really ugly car. ugly cars are taking over the world, too. i really want to smack the shit out of people driving ugly cars. what is wrong with you??? why would anyone want to buy shit like this?!

ugly car

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