December 7, 2002 0

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it’s a wonder hell is so hot when in fact snow is hell. snow used to be cool back in elementary & high school. it would snow 2 inches & classes would be cancelled. now, since it’s not in the best interest for the university to shut down (i.e. it’s cheaper to keep shit open) we need a state of emergency mega-blizzard to get a fucking day off. hell, in 1993 we pretty much had one & the university would just not cancel classes. but whatever, i’m over that. i’m more pissed about having to drive in school & the lack of road plowing. there are few things i hate more than driving in snow. i slide all over the place & have a tendency to get stuck & i get all super tense while driving. snow is worthless. snow gets all in your pants & gets your shoes wet. snow causes accidents. snow kills. & here’s a tip for you stupid jerkoffs who feel the need to park a foot in front of someone when there’s like 6 inches of snow on the ground…don’t go crying when the car behind you slides out of the parking spot & hits your car. i hope i made a big dent you retard, & i hope you learned your lesson. last year was beautiful. you could wear nothing more than a fleece till december & i don’t think it snowed at all. but something tells me this year is going to be nothing but hell…single digit temperatures & lots of fucking evil snow.

oh yeah, & now you can leave me free voicemail! well, unless you’re calling from some weird country, then it’s not free! the hall of shame hasn’t had any new submissions in a long time, so now’s your chance.

anyway, i can’t believe i’m missing the season finale of the sopranos! but i’m going to see naked ladies so it’s ok. i’ll catch it later that night. i’m really bummed, but i’ve been waiting a long time to hit up the strip club. this will be my first time seeing naked ladies dancing around, central pennsylvania’s finest i’m sure. in canada i went to mints club to see the naked boys. it was fun. this will be fun. except it’s on top of a mountain. mountain…snow…beer…driving. fuck, i will probably die. fun fun fun!

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