December 2, 2002 0

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naked man cards!!!!!!! omg i <3! i've wanted naked man cards after playing cards with naked lady cards. i swear, you get attached to those gals. one of the queens was a chick in some gold outfit in the shower. she was one of my favorites & i kept getting her every deal! these are cheap naked man cards, though. no bare weewees. & they have the same picture for all the cards of a suit, so you really only have 4 softcore naked men. but it's still ok. on my way home from class i was driving behind this propane tank truck thing. on the bumper it had a sticker that read “we always stop at rr crossings” & i thought, how nice. then an ambulance came down the other side of the street with his lights going, & while all the cars down the road had pulled over & stopped, mr. propane truck kept on going. hahaha. it was funny.

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