November 29, 2002 0

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ha, my mom was pissed yesterday. a bunch of people were supposed to come over for dinner & they didn’t come & they didn’t call. oops. anyway, here’s a great story. every time i try to tell it i fuck it up, but they told this story again, so yeah, i know it now! so my grandmother died in 1997 & she wanted her ashes scattered over the rose garden at the boothe homestead in stratford, connecticut cuz that’s part of our family somewhere down the line. so my parents go up there & they asked if they could scatter the ashes but the people in charge kinda said no. but my mom didn’t care & her, my dad & this old russian dude they picked up at the place they were staying at break into the boothe memorial park to dump the ashes in the rose garden anyway. it was all commando mission-like & when some teenage kids drove up, my mom starts chasing them trying to shoo them off. haha! but the best part of the story was the night before when my parents went out to dinner. they went to some classy restaurant & the hostess said it would be about an hour & a half wait. so they go to the bar & a girl comes up to them to ask if there’s anyone else in the party. so my dad says “well, there’s grandma, but she’s in the trunk.” the girl gives him a look, so he then says “oh, don’t worry, she’s dead.” & the waitress hurried off. about 10 minutes later they called my parents’ name & they got hooked up with a nice table. apparently they thought that my parents might have been in the mafia cuz i guess there’s a lot of mob types in the area. how funny is that?! especially since there were people in the joint bitching about how long they had been waiting. my dad said that stuff innocently enough cuz he likes to joke around with waitresses, but man, i love that story. as much as my parents embarrass me, sometimes they can be cool.

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