November 28, 2002 0

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Dear Rhi,

Saw your pics today on the net. You have some of the best nipples I have ever seen! And, please, don’t call me any disrespectful names as you are the one asking for attention with these pics posted world wide!

aw yeah. you best believe i love getting attention with my pancake nipples.

since it’s a holiday i’ll give you a heads up. like, be 18 or over or something to click this ok?

chocolate covered banana

chocolate covered bananas anyone?

god, i have never enjoyed cleaning this much. seriously. my roommates are home for the weekend, & so is the dog *cough*ihateyoustupidpieceofshitdiefucker*cough* so yesterday & today i have been cleaning like it’s going out of style cuz i have until sunday to enjoy this cleanliness! my mom laughs when i say i’m cleaning all the time, but i am anal about cleanliness & i live with dirty people. so instead of crying when something i just cleaned gets messy a few hours later, my efforts will last a whole 4 days!!! time to eat. bye!

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