November 27, 2002 0

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The first talk was one of Jackee’s friend’s mom talking about her first experience to Planned Parenthood. She had the crowd in stitches with her goofy antics and comical way of looking at the whole “fish out of water” experience. mommy :*(

wow yahoo is really mean. for the past who knows how long people have been sending me messages & adding me to their buddy lists & seeing me online all the time. hi i don’t use yahoo messenger you fagg0s! i don’t even have it installed on my computer. i finally set it up in trillian today & got about 738275023567124 messages. this is gay, no one ever told me that just by being on the yahoo page it shows me as online for all these freaks who are stalking me. there’s a reason i have authorization to add on icq & hang out in invisible mode. at least with aim i know when people can see my online status. i feel so violated. stupid yahoo i hate you.

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