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god bless the internet. this by far is the strangest “fetish” i think i’ve seen. i wonder if he’s into abc gum…


I’m a guy (22) from Germany and I have a strange hobby. I collect bubble gum from all over the world, as well as bubble gum photos, personal stories, because I want to make a book out of it.
In Germany it is difficult to get such material because no one seems to be interested in bubble gum anymore In case you like bubblegum and blowing bubbles maybe you could tell me more about your experiences with bubble gum or your likes and dislikes, stories etc. That would be a great help for me.

If you have any further questions just ask otherwise it would be great to hear from you.

Maybe I can see you blowing bubbles on your webcam 🙂



greetings. well here’s my story. once i fell asleep with gum in my mouth & it got in my hair. gum is hard to get out of hair.

now, will i be receiving any royalties from this book?

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