November 9, 2002 0

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do not walk

see this? it means don’t walk in front of my car you stupid motherfuckers!! god i hate pedestrians, they’re all assholes begging to be run over. there needs to be a law where it’s ok to hit people if they’re walking in front of you when they’re not supposed to. god.

so. is “stealing” a keg a funny joke or a mean mean bad thing? last night we were over at a friend’s place & after having just tapped it, we find the keg is missing. so my friend thinks it’s stolen & gets all pissed off & goes off to buy more beer. we then figure out who did it & what do you know, it never even left the premises! it was just moved from the back to the front porch. i didn’t really care so i have no say, but some people were really pissed off & thought it wasn’t funny at all. some people thought it was hilarious. but just think how’d you feel if you went outside & saw that your keg was missing & didn’t know the deal…

as much fun as that was, i really wished we’d gone to the hick bar. there was a bikini contest & i was sad to hear there weren’t beat up fat chicks in it. that’s what we were expecting when we heard about the people who go to the place.

last night my roommate cut my hair. i was scared, but it turned out ok. a bit short, but it’ll grow back. i’m going to grow my hair butt ass long but i get split ends cuz i don’t trim it enough. well, after that she curled my hair & i looked really hot. sorry, but i did. i did my nails, & had a cute little outfit on. & when we were out i realized i hadn’t brushed my teeth that day! oops. i think it’s time to catch a little dating game before i go out. i got some partners in crime now!

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