November 4, 2002 0

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i love pepsi. thanks to pepsi & my dear friend kate, i’ve gotten hooked up. friday night kate had to work but she had 4 free tickets to see tool, so i got to go. we got to sit in the pepsi box so you could actually see & have comfy chairs & food & drinks & shit like that. the concert itself was all right. everyone was bitching about it & i suppose if i’d paid for it i might have been a bit disappointed. they started off with sober which we missed because, ironically, we were drinking. poor choice on an opening song, but shit happens, huh. that was the song everyone wanted to hear & sure, i wanted to hear it, too, but ├ćnima is my favorite album & they played my favorites from that. the second set was all shit from their new album which i haven’t heard so it was like, ok. the show was cool, & i would have been in heaven had i been tripping. the backdrop & the screens were actually pretty trippy enough. yep. that was my friday night. saturday night followed with the usual bar going at a place full of scumbags. i got to see a good number of my friends later at a party so that was good. but what was really good was rekindling my love for the dating game online. & it would seem the dating game online loves me, too.

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