November 1, 2002 0

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for fuck’s sake…i should be out trick or treating, but no, people suck. must…resist…urge…to…kill. yeah man, tonight better more than make up for it. such pressure to make this holiday most spectacular every year…
anyway, i’m copping out on playing dress up, so back to old pictures. i’ll post my actual costume later tonight or tomorrow. cry cry cry no cammy cam cam till tomorrow when halloween is over 🙁

should i be…

kid rock?

kid rock

or or or

your mom?

your mom

heheh. anyone ever get the urge to go up to a really ugly person on halloween & be like “that’s a kickass costume dude, you’re fucking scary looking!” haha. come to think of it, i’d like to go up to a goth tomorrow & be like “halloween was yesterday.” i’m mean like that. right. time to go get ready! have fun tonight you fuckers.

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