October 28, 2002 0

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well this weekend was interesting. i’m getting tired of the scene here, but what can you do…hopefully i’ll be outta here soon. friday night we’re all fucked up out at this bar & i come back to our table with drinks & there’s these 2 guys sitting there with my friends. this one kid is just staring at me & when my roommate says that i’m from here the guy asks me what my name is. i tell him & i ask his name. he says fritsch. at this point i start laughing. he wanted to know why, & i bet you do, too! well, i told him i knew his brother. but the real story is that i stalked his brother all through high school. i have pictures of his brother framed in my room. man, all the stories i have about this guy…golden. i know i’ve mentioned them before but i don’t feel like retyping everything. but i was basically like serious stalker. but here’s a story. back when i was in 11th or 12th grade i was at this party & the guy’s brother (the kid from the bar) was there & in my drunken stupor i like, cornered him & was all like I WANT TO FUCK YOUR BROTHER. this kid is seriously an annoying little twat & i really regretted saying that. actually all the kids in that family are real dicks, but the guy is hot, come on. so basically this guy i was/am obsessed with’s brother was hitting on me at the bar. thank god he didn’t know who i was. & this kid is really shady & creepy. so was his friend. gah. so we ditched them. i dunno, it was just weird. saturday night some guy also hit on us, but he had game. he came up to us & rested his arm on my shoulder & was all, wassup ladies! we all thought that someone knew him. he wasn’t that bad of a guy, & he left his friends to go sit with us. what can i say, we are studs. since it was daylight saving’s time, we had an extra hour out, but the club we were going to was still charging full price & it definitely wasn’t worth it so we left. well, my friends went one way & i went the other, to go home. once i got to my car i realized my roomie had my keys so i had to run all the way down to the opposite side of town. i’m running & these 2 guys were standing around. the one guy is all like, hey baby where you going? & his friend was like, she’s angry. & i’m running with a look of death on my face cuz i’m so pissed & i say all evil-like I AM REALLY ANGRY. DON’T TALK TO ME. ha yeah. & since i had to go meet back up with everyone, i ended the night with an iguana on my head. hey, i let him go where he wanted & he wanted to be on the top of my head. apparently it was really funny looking, but no one had a camera, so oh well. it was cool. all right, i’m out.

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