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alright, now, i know the sniper is the big hit thing as of late, but i’m here with some news from my neck of the woods. if you’re not from the area you wont understand or care, but in state college, pa, the land where people never die unless they’re really old & died of natural causes, some people were murdered! my old superintendent, & his wife to be exact. honestly i don’t think i ever saw the guy, except maybe at some random school function, but i knew his 2 kids. & they think the one kid, dan, is the one who did it. i knew this guy cuz all us “bad” kids all hung out at the same local hangout. & for some reason i can’t help think that i knew this kid some other way. i can’t remember though & it’s driving me crazy. either way, i kinda hope he did it so i can say i know someone who beat his parents to death. that kinda sucks for the other kids though. hey, guess what, your psychopath brother murdered your parents the other day!

& also in the news…my dad! i was watching the 11 o’clock news & they did a piece on rising tuition. when they just do some random penn state story all they do is show clips of the campus. well, they show one clip from the hub & there’s my dad walking on the left. i was so excited! one time when there was this big blizzard that ended up closing the major roads, my dad decided to walk into town & someone from the paper happened to take a picture. he was smoking a cigar when he was supposed to have quit & he got busted. haha. but my dad just randomly gets into the news. i, on the other hand, go out of my way to “happen” to walk in the way of the cameras cuz i’m all about it & i never get in. hmm, oh well. i’m kinda pissed i didn’t get a screen cap, but it was all ok when this piece on conan came on:

jesus collectables

jesus collectables

the real kicker was that i was reading jesus of the week, my new favorite website.

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