October 9, 2002 0

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breaking bank yeah, i bet all of you wish you were breaking bank like me. don’t be trying to hit me up for money or anything, just cuz i’m miss money bags. yeah, so, hi! since i last posted, my boots arrived! & my roommate’s didn’t! hahaha! they’re total hooker boots, i love it. i’d show you, but you’ll just have to wait cuz i’m not in the mood to mess with cam settings, k? so what’s been up? the lack of posting has not been due to exciting happenings over here…on the contrary, i’m as bored/boring as ever. today i decided i would vacuum my room. & when i vacuum, i like to put this carpet freshener smell good stuff on the carpet. of course, i managed to dump about half the can on the carpet & the vacuum cleaner we have is a piece of shit, & it basically doesn’t work. there’s white powder everywhere & the fumes from this stuff is killing me. you can smell it all the way down stairs. the only way to take care of this mess is to use my mini vac that only works for about 2 minutes. then you have to wait about a half hour to run it again for 2 minutes. repeat process. but hell, this room will smell killer for awhile.

do you find yourself suffering from embarrassing underarm perspiration and odor? are the pits of your clothes stained brown? well, have i got a solution for you! try certain dri, to block your pit pores & prevent sweat! it works miracles, kids. i’m working on operation pit be gone & i’m well on my way. $5 at the drug store & say good bye to pitting out. & you wanna know something else? i just discovered the power of bleach on whites. you soak your white shirts in it for awhile, & voila! pit stains go from brown, to yellow, to eventually gone! & to think i didn’t realize this sooner. see, my mom never told me. we just used tide with bleach alternative. & i know you’re supposed to separate colors, but i was like, fuck that, as long as nothing bleeds, EVERYTHING can go together! which is true, but yeah, that’s not gonna get the whites whiter. so yeah, it took me this long to figure out that i should try bleach. hey, i only did it cuz this is the first time i’ve had it at my disposal. but it doesn’t matter! together, bleach & certain dri will eliminate my pit problems 4evA.

& while i’m posting, i figured i’d let you know that i no longer enjoy reading shelly’s site anymore since she discovered spell check & mastered a junior high grammar equivalency. anyone else feel the same way? it used to be like some sick train wreck that you just had to keep looking at. but all good things must come to an end i guess 🙁

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