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centralia wow guys. CHECK IT. this is the coolest thing i have ever heard. so yesterday i’m ripped as usual & my roommate says something about some gigantic underground mine fire & a whole town being evacuated. i was like, no shit, when was this? & she tells me it’s going on right now. & it’s been going on since the 60s. i’m all wtf??? not believing this. until we go on my computer. & i am introduced to…CENTRALIA, PA.

this is the story of centralia. in 1962 this landfill caught on fire, & somehow some deserted underground mines caught on fire. so whatever, the fire in the landfill is out & they figure the shit underground will burn out eventually. fast forward to the 80s. some kid almost fell 60 feet into a smoldering sinkhole that opened up under him. the fumes & heat could have killed him. & now people are starting to get sick & they’re breathing fumes & shit’s getting all funky. the coal mine fires had spread to areas directly underneath the town over the past 20 years. the government wanted everyone out of the town and bought up most of the land and homes. see, it was less expensive to do that then to put out the fire. so now there are about 20 people living there. the post office tried to take away their zip code, but everyone made a big fuss. but anyway, this is fucking nuts! it’s been 40 years & this shit is still on fire underground. a ghost town on fire. it’s straight up twilight zone freaky. but can you imagine? route 61 that went through the town has been blocked off cuz it’s been collapsing & falling apart. there’s smoke coming out from the ground & the trees have died & the town is smoking cuz it’s literally on fire! i am now obsessed with centralia! & it’s only about 2 hours away. i wanna go so so soooooo bad. well, knowing me i’d probably step in the wrong place & fall into the 40 year old burning mine shaft. that would be kinda cool actually. i’m serious, one day i want to go there…

anyway, there’s mad shit about this online, you really have to look at it. i have centralia fever!

the official site (it sucks)

this bitch has virtual tours!

a documentary site. watch the video!!

i had to put the centralia book on my wishlist. fuck school books, i need this book!!!

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