September 26, 2002 0

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i have blood on my hands. today i ran over a squirrel on the way home & i was sad. he just ran out from the side & i heard the bump. i looked back in the mirror & i saw it lying there. & to make myself feel worse i walked back to look at it. poor little squirrel. i love squirrels. one time i thought i might have hit one but i wasn’t sure. this is my first confirmed kill. one time i was flying down the road at 60 & i ran over something big. i swear i was airborne & damn, that thing made a thud. on the way back, i looked for it cuz i wanted to know what the hell it was, but it was dark & i couldn’t find it. so, to make myself feel better after becoming a squirrel killer & to procrastinate studying i cleaned the kitchen & the bathroom. & now it’s less than 2 hours later & the kitchen looks like a dump again. i could cry. all i ask is for food not to be rotting in my sink & the dishes to be rinsed. & it pisses me off how people can’t throw shit in the trash when the garbage is like, 3 feet away. i hate having a low tolerance for dirtiness. whatever. i’m sure i’ll go apeshit on everyone soon. that will be fun.


i’m sorry!!!

but everything will be ok, my favorite site is back! tydrvthru!!@!#!1

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