September 23, 2002 0

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i was out of town for the weekend, not like anyone would know the wiser. but i was. sorry you had to look at my ugly roommate’s mug all weekend. she had to go & fuck with the cam, huh. so, before i left i changed my name on cu-seeme to LESBIAN DYKE out of spite, since she loves to go on there. haha! man, i should be registering for classes now. i didn’t know i got to do it so soon, & i’m really glad to see that nothing is being offered. i’m only hoping that very soon more classes will be offered because i’m not kidding, every class listed on this sheet that i can take for my major is not offered. i’m at a loss for words. time to book an appointment to my estranged counselor asap. i would get stuck with really shitty classes my last semester.

right, so this weekend i was in the city of brotherly love. i do think that nickname would hold over a lot better in san francisco, because philadelphia really is the city of sisterly love. i saw a lot of lesbians. i went there to visit my cousin so he could hook me up with some young doctors, but i dunno man, med students aren’t that cool. i guess that’s a good thing though, cuz i know a lot of cool people, & i sure as shit wouldn’t want them operating on me. my friends can blow but my doctors shouldn’t. kudos to you if you know what i’m hinting at. well, i had fun. spent an ass load of money, which is all right i guess since i actually went out to a real city with real clubs. i went to shampoo, philly’s biggest club & spent a whooping $25 just to get in. i’m now appreciating my town because the covers for our lame bars are like $1 & there are mad drink specials. but i got frisked at the door of shampoo, so that made my day. i also dragged my poor cousin all down south street into all the girly hoochie stores, only to buy a purse. i don’t know much about fashion, but this season’s crap is crap. i didn’t buy any clothes, & i’m not happy about that. whatever, i’m done talking about my weekend. i can’t think of any thing else worthy of mentioning & my aunt flo’s in town, so it’s time to put on the sweat pants & catch up on all my favorite cam hookers i missed so much over the weekend.

p.s. you can find livian here

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